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In spite of what you may think after looking over our offerings, we don't make everything that we need.  In fact, we've got several projects in the pipeline that are a few parts shy of completion.  If you've got any of these items, we would be more than happy to relieve you of the persistent obligation for their storage.  This is what we're looking for:
  • 1966 dual jack (Rick-O-Sound) jackplate.
  • Ac'cent by Paul tailpiece: complete or any parts from same
  • Long "Capri" Kauffman arm.
  • Toaster pickups
  • ; 50s "flat back" and 60s short- or long-pole styles.
  • Vintage Kluson single- or double-line tuners, with either white or metal buttons.
  • 60s/70s round Kluson ferrules.
  • Bass pickup surround.
  • 50s or 60s P90.
  • Any Rickenbacker guitar that's been worn out, stripped, poorly finished, and/or abused to the point it needs restoration.
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