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If you've never tried a trapeze, you owe it to yourself to take the plunge.  Easy to string, and elegant simplicity.  We've got almost every kind of trapeze tailpiece you could want:
- The long trapeze tailpiece that was used full-body guitars (e.g. 360F) in the late '50s and early '60s.  And it looks oh, so cool on a new 330 as well!
- The venerable short trapeze that's a drop-in replacement for those used on various Capri's, 300-series, and 600-series guitars from the 50s on.
- We've now got a small supply of short left-handed trapeze tailpieces.
- We also have 12-string trapeze tailpieces as well.
- For you poor souls who have been victimized by the exploding tailpiece syndrome, we've now got a trapeze (and matching bracket) in black to you can punt the whole broken system for the much cooler and more rakish trapeze.
- Brand new!  The bass trapeze tailpiece!  Yes, that's right: a trapeze tailpiece tailpiece with only 4 holes.  Ain't that something?
- Brand newer!  The 660 trapeze tailpiece!  A trapeze tailpiece tailpiece with wider string spacing.  This means that the strings don't fan out from the tailpiece to the bridge, but break straight across the saddles with no sideways pull. 

Unless other wise noted, the tailpieces are made from mirror-polished stainless steel.  All of the 6-string tailpieces (except for the 660) have the same shorter, angled string holes as the first pieces from back in the 50s.

If you're a long-neglected lefty, our left-handed tailpieces will set you off.  There's no reason to put up with a right-handed tailpiece any longer.  Which means that you can get rid of that goofy looking upside-down R and replace it with an oh-so-cool (and properly oriented) trapeze.  Get 'em while they're hot.

Finally, if you want to put a trapeze on your 12-string but don't want to put two strings in the same hole, we've got just the ticket. The neatest thing you've ever seen: 12 holes are perfect for stringing up without confusion, clutter, or tangles.

Of course, the tailpiece won't do you much good if you can't attach it to the guitar.  We've got you covered there, too. Have a look at the several styles of end hooks that we offer here.  And dig this: we also have an R-to-trapeze adaptor hook for installing a trapeze tailpiece on a guitar that was originally equipped with an R tailpiece.  Without drilling any holes in your guitar. Ain't that neat?  Check it out.

For looks, quality, and accuracy: there is simply no other choice for your Rickenbacker.

The righty...:
the lefty...:
the 12-string...
and the 660, which is wider than your average bear:

The looooong tailpiece:

"Black as night, black as coal...":

The bass:
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