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We can't make everything for your guitar -- and we don't.  There are a number of parts that we buy just like everybody else.  We've gone to great lengths to find parts that are closely compatible to vintage parts, and we use these parts when the originals aren't available.  And to make it easy for you, we'll sell you the same parts if you want them. This is what we have:

Kluson-style Gotoh tuners: These new tuners are the bomb.  With nickel plating, metal oval buttons, and the same footprint as the originals, these are a drop-in replacement for either single- or double-line Klusons.  And with a 15:1 gear ratio, these are much smoother and more precise than any set of vintage tuners.
Hex tuner bushings: Many vintage Rickenbackers (dating through the 60s) used hex tuner bushings rather than the round bushings seen today.  An uncommon touch, these nickel-plated bushings are a bit of subtle elegance on an already classic guitar.

For looks, quality, and accuracy: there is simply no other choice for your Rickenbacker.

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