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If you dig the look of the venerable "R" tailpiece, but you're tired of the profanity and frustration that go along with every string change -- have we got something for you.

Our unique harp tailpiece invokes the timeless lines of a classic, but with an elegance and simplicity all its own and an ease of use that makes changing strings a snap.  This tailpiece is made from mirror-polished stainless, and is a drop-in replacement for your original, as it uses the stock tailpiece bracket.  It couldn't get any easier. 

We didn't forget you lefties, either.  (Truth be told, you guys started all this.)  You don't need to put up with an upside-down tailpiece any longer.  We've got a left-handed version that gives you -- at long last -- a properly oriented tailpiece for your distinctly oriented guitar.

There's one for all you 12-stringers out there, too: a true 12-string harp tailpiece.  You get the best of all worlds: classic looks, easy string changes, and no need to buy a new bracket.

We've even got one for the 360F/large body aficionados: our long harp will fill that huge empty space behind the bridge.

If you've had the misfortune to fall victim to an exploding black tailpiece, we've got your replacement covered as well.  Yes, the tailpiece is available in black.

And to finish this cornucopia of tailpieces, we even have a bass harp -- for those of you who might be wondering where you're going to find parts for that old 4005.

For looks, quality, and accuracy: there is simply no other choice for your Rickenbacker.

Ain't this cool?
On a 300-series guitar:
...and on a 600-series guitar:

And for the lefties:

And the 12-string:

And the looong one:

There is none more black:

En finalement, the bass harp:
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