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We offer several styles of brackets for installing a tailpiece on your guitar.

The first bracket is the larger, heavier vintage hook as used with the trapeze and Kauffman tailpieces on the early Capri's. Like the original brackets, this is made of chrome-plated steel, with a large center hole to clear the strap bolt and four countersunk mounting holes -- including the non-symmetrical hole pattern.

Our other brackets are made of mirror-polished stainless.  And we do have scads of brackets:

We've got one designed for those who want to install a trapeze tailpiece on a guitar originally equipped with an "R" tailpiece.  We have laid out the center hole for the strap bolt and the two mounting holes to match those on the mounting bracket for the modern "R" tailpiece -- so there's no need to drill any new holes in your guitar.  No muss, no fuss, no damage to your guitar. 

We've got one to install a trapeze on a guitar originally fitted with an Accent.  One hole, one easy fix.*

We've got one to install our harp tailpiece (or a RIC R) on a guitar originally fitted with an Accent.*

We've got one to install our harp tailpiece (or a RIC R) on a guitar originally fitted with an trapeze.

We've got one to install an Accent on a guitar originally fitted with an R or a trapeze.  You know the hole in the Accent is closer to the back than the hole for the R?  And you know how if you install an Accent on a guitar that originally had an R, the Accent is way off the top of the guitar? And you know how you can see the old holes from the trapeze bracket? Well, no more.  We've got the bracket that lets the tailpiece lay right along the top -- nice and smooth -- and hides those ugly holes, to boot.

Brand new! We don't even have a picture of this one (so trust us that we're telling the truth): a trapeze bracket with the same hole configuration used in the early 60s.  You know the one: the strap button is aligned with the bottom two mounting screws instead of being in the middle of the bracket.  Think Suzi Arden.  Think George Harrison.  Think about buying one...

Brand newer! If you've got a C58 with the original Kauffman vibrola, then you know the story here. Rather than use a bracket sized like those on the early 325's, RIC chose to use the modern trapeze bracket.  The trouble is that the new bracket is shorter than the original; it doesn't lift the tailpiece as far off the body.  As a result, the pointy little bits on the bottom of the tailpiece tend to scratch the finish and gouge the wood beneath when the arm is pressed.  This is not good -- and we decided to fix it.  What we've done is design a bracket with the same profile as the original, taller pieces, but with the same hole pattern as the new bracket.  This means that you can swap out your short bracket for a taller one -- without drilling new holes, and without any further risk to your guitar.

* Both the Accent-trapeze and Accent-R adapters are available in a version for a 300-series guitar and a version for a 600-series guitar.  The 300-series bracket is a little shorter, reflecting the way the ramp makes the body thinner at the tail.  As a result, the tailpiece lays right along the top of the ramp.

Please: Talk to us about hole patterns before you order.  Some of the original brackets have changed over the years, and the holes have moved around.  If you have an unusual hole pattern on your guitar, we can work with you to make sure the mounting holes match.  Selected brackets are also available without pre-drilled mounting holes for those who want a custom mounting solution or have a need to accommodate a unique hole layout on a guitar.

For looks, quality, and accuracy: there is simply no other choice for your Rickenbacker.

The vintage Kauffman/trapeze bracket:

The R-to-trapeze adapter:

The Accent-to-trapeze adapter for a 300-series guitar:
The Accent-to-trapeze adapter for a 600-series guitar:
...and on a 300-series guitar (notice how the tailpiece rises above the body):

The Accent-to-R adapter for a 300-series guitar:
...and for a 600-series guitar:

The trapeze-to-R adapter:

The Accent adapter:
Notice how far off the top the tailpiece is when using the original bracket. And check out those gnarly screw holes
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