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Our converter combs are just the ticket to restore your 336/12, 366/12, or 456/12 to full vintage schizophrenia.  Built with precision and care, these parts will perform like they were put on at the factory.

We also offer a complete conversion/restoration kit for a 336/12 or 366/12.  You get the upper and lower guards, the comb mounting plate, the comb guide, converter comb, and the arm retaining screw for one low price.  How can you lose?

For looks, quality, and accuracy: there is simply no other choice for your Rickenbacker.

The converter comb assembly.  Note the highly polished chrome finish and the attention to detail in the comb and retaining arm.

Check out the teeth on the comb: radiused to match the curve of the neck and notched to hold the strings.  Just like the originals.
The arm retaining screw:

The complete restoration kit: comb, guide, guards, screws, grommets -- it's all there.

This is how the unit looks on a 336/12. That's our converter comb, our attachment arm, a prototype comb runner, and an original Rickenbacker retaining screw.
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