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Got a tailpiece on your guitar now?  Want to try a different one -- but without drilling new holes for another bracket?  We may have just what you're looking for...

We offer a number of different tailpieces conversion kits which enable you to switch between tailpieces easily and without making any permanent modifications to your guitar.

Our most popular kit is the R-to-trapeze conversion package.  This is just the ticket for those of you who want to install a trapeze on a guitar that was originally fitted with an R tailpiece.  The kit starts with our unique R-to-trapeze adapter bracket.  No more drilling new holes; you change make the change using the existing holes from your R tailpiece bracket.  Then it gets really good: you've got your choice of a 6-string, 12-string, or left-handed trapeze tailpiece to go with it.  And yes, it is available in black as well.  You get everything you need to make the change; we even give you the screws.

If you want to install a trapeze on your 625, we've got you covered there, too.  Our special 625 conversion kit couples our 600-series Accent-to-trapeze bracket with a trapeze tailpiece.  Take out the strap bolt, swap brackets, and you're good to go.  What could be easier?

Or maybe you want to try a trapeze on your 325, 335, 345, 365, or 375?  Not to worry; our 3X5 kit marries a 300-series Accent-to-trapeze bracket with a trapeze tailpiece.  This really is some kind of cool.

Finally, we didn't forget about those of you who are taken by the timeless elegance of our harp tailpiece.  Our harp conversion kits give you everything you need to install a harp tailpiece (6- or 12-string) on a guitar that came with an Accent or trapeze tailpiece.  You get the adapter bracket and the tailpiece, all for one low price and one easy change.

For looks, quality, and accuracy: there is simply no other choice for your Rickenbacker.

The 6-string R-to-trapeze kit:
...and the 12-string:
...and the black:
...and yes, for the lefties:

The 625 trapeze kit:

The 3X5 trapeze kit:

The Accent-to-harp kit for a 300-series guitar:

The trapeze-to-harp kit:
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