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The Rickenbacker lapsteels and better guitars (Combo 600, 800, and 850) from the late 50s used heavy, knurled knobs unique to those models.  If you own one of those guitars -- or if you just want some really cool knobs -- have we got a deal for you.

You know these knobs have always been impossible to find.  Until now.  We've made a small run of exact duplicates.  Same size, same weight, same finish.  A dead nuts replacement, and the perfect complement to any vintage guitar.

Like the originals, these knobs are designed to work with split-shaft pots.  If you want knobs for solid-shaft pots, just ask.  We'd be happy to modify a set for you.

For looks, quality, and accuracy: there is simply no other choice for your Rickenbacker.

The knobs. Wide, flat, knurled, and shiny.
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