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Many Rickenbackers made before 1962 (mainly Combo's and 400-series guitars) were shipped with a bridge cover that clipped to either the pickguard or a special mounting frame.  Not surprisingly, most of these covers are long gone, leaving nothing but a hole in the front of the guitar.

To address this situation, we've reproduced a small number of these covers.  We paid special attention to making the cover hold more securely - which means that our cover will be on the guitar a lot longer than the original was.  Made of chrome-plated steel or gold anodized aluminum, these covers may be the final piece for your vintage restoration.

If you've got one of the older Combo guitars that used an external frame to hold the cover, we've got that as well.  It comes as a set: you get both the acrylic spacer and the aluminum frame.  Because these were installed by hand, there is no single screw pattern that will match up with every guitar.  As such, these do not have the mounting holes pre-drilled.

For looks, quality, and accuracy: there is simply no other choice for your Rickenbacker.

The bridge cover:
A plated cover mounted on a 1961 425:
An anodized cover on a 1960 425:

Yes, we have mounting frames as well:
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