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We've been fortunate enough to get our hands on a supply of the checkerboard binding just like that used on Rickenbacker's deluxe guitars. It's brand new, it's in great condition, and we don't always have it in stock.  We only have a few pieces of binding to sell, and when it's gone, it may be a while until we can get some more.  If you want this -- or if think you want this -- buy it now.  We can't predict when we'll get more.

Each piece measures .066" x .215" x 53" (1.7mm x 5.4mm x 1345mm). That's more than enough to bind the body of a 600 series guitar.

This is not some cheap binding that is "close" to the original appearance. It's not black lines painted on white stock. This is made just like the original binding, with alternating layers of solid black and solid white.

To calculate how much you'll need:
330/360 OS: Three pieces
 - front upper wing: ~25.5"
 - front lower wing: ~23.5"
 - back: ~60.5"
360 back: Two pieces
600-series: Two pieces
  - front or back upper wing: ~25"
  - front or back lower wing: ~21.5"
4000-series bass: Two pieces
 - upper wing: ~31.5"
 - lower wing: ~24"
Double-bound Tele: Three pieces
 - front: ~51"
 - back: ~54" (just missed that one)

And it gets better...  We now offer complete binding kits for your project.  You get both checkerboard binding and matching white celluloid binding.  That's right, no ABS or drain-pipe PVC here; this is the real burns-when-you-cook-it stuff for that genuine vintage look.  Each piece of white binding measures .060" x .280" x 54".  That .280" height is just about a perfect fit to go on a vintage Rick with minimal scraping (that's why we cut it at that height). And it looks a treat on anything else as well.  Get 'em while they're hot.

For looks, quality, and accuracy: there is simply no other choice for your Rickenbacker.

The binding:

The binding restoration kit:
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