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If you own, are restoring, or paying homage the very early 4000 basses, we've got a bridge for you...  Just like the original modified guitar bridge: it starts with a Combo bridge frame (with its wider spacing), then uses 4 of the saddle screws with extra wide center saddles to fit under the strings.  You won't get this one anywhere else.

But then, if you're working on a 4005 (or if you'd just rather have something a little cleaner), we've also got a purpose-built bass bridge.  A 4-hole frame, 4 perfectly sized saddles, and an all-around fine piece of kit.

For looks, quality, and accuracy: there is simply no other choice for your Rickenbacker.

The 4000 bridge. 6-saddle frame, goofy center saddles, the whole deal.

The 4005 bridge. 4-saddle frame, custom-fit saddles.
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