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Rickenbacker used anodized aluminum pickguards on a number of models in the late 50s and early 60s.  Decades later, these pickguards are frequently bent, dented, and scratched.  We address that issue with our replacement pickguards.  Made of polished aluminum, and anodized to a light golden color, these are the perfect complement to your guitar.

Even better, these pickguards are often forward compatible.  Got a new 450?  These pickguards will screw right on to provide your guitar with that extra bit of class.  Got a newer (post-1962) 425?  Talk to us first; the pickup on the 425 gradually crept away from the bridge over the years, and the pickup cavity followed in fits and spurts.  If you're lucky, the cavity placement on your guitar will accommodate our guard.

You may also note that we make a couple of pickguards for models that were originally kitted out with plastic guards.  One guard is based on the 1959 425 -- it's a single pickup in the bridge position.  The other guard (and a particular favorite) is a hybrid with a 1959 450 profile, 1959 425 knob positions, and a single pickup located midway between the neck and the bridge (just like the classic '60-'61 425).  We've also got guards for a '57 450 with the 2-knob, 2-switch configuration.

The mounting holes on the Combo 400 guards are predrilled.  The 425 and 450 guards are without mounting holes, as there is no consistent hole pattern that is applicable to all guitars.

The Combo 400 guard.

Pickguard for the 1959 450.

Pickguard based on the 1959 425.

Pickguard based on a hybrid 425 layout.
And it's just so damn cool on this 1961 425 that we restored.
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