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All the cool people will want what we've got here.

We're happy to now offer the complete vibrato unit, for both right-and left-handed guitars.  We also offer all of the individual pieces as well, so you can repair your damaged or incomplete Accent.

The first of those pieces is a replacement spring.  Replace your lost or broken spring.  Or -- if you've got one of the newer units -- upgrade to a flatter spring (like the vintage vibratos) the gives you a better break angle over the saddles and fewer buzzes and rattles.

Then, we've got a replacement string comb.  How do you people keep losing these things, anyway?  I dunno, but you do -- and we're here to help.

And to hold your arm, we've got the arm screw.  What arm, you ask?  This one.

Next, we've got a conversion kit for you frustrated lefties out there.  Left-handed guitar, right handed Accent?  No problem.  We've got a replacement comb and arm combination to convert a right-handed Accent to a lefty.

Then -- and after years of looking under every rock and bush every time we needed one of these-- we're happy to offer a long bracket for the Accent tailpiece.  Sized to fit a man-size guitar (like the 360F), this is exactly what you need to install an Accent in a playable position closer to the bridge.  If you've got an old project that's missing the original tailpiece, this might be the closest fit you'll find in your lifetime.  It's a drop-in replacement for that long-gone original piece.  And it would look mighty fine with one of our longer, vintage-spec armsNOTE: We're selling the bracket only.  This is a replacement part to modify your complete unit.

Finally, we've got a small number of the "Ac'cent by Paul" plaques that adorned the very first Accent units.  Made of plated brass -- just like the originals -- they're ready to stick on to your modern Accent tailpiece.  Or ask us about buying the whole package.

For looks, quality, and accuracy: there is simply no other choice for your Rickenbacker.

The complete vibrato assembly:

And for you lefties, the conversion kit:
And the whole left-handed tailpiece:

The replacement spring:
Look at that break angle over the saddles:

The right-handed replacement comb:

Cooler than cool, the "Ac'cent by Paul" plaque:
The plaque mounted on the tailpiece:
The complete "Ac'cent by Paul" vibrato:
The long "Ac'cent by Paul" vibrato for the 360f:
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