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We offer two different arms to fit the Accent vibrato.

Our vintage vibrato arms are the only vibrato arms on the market that are sized correctly to fit a vintage Accent tailpiece.  These arms differ from current arms (and those that have shipped since the late 60s); they are longer than the current arms and they are bent differently.  Notice that the main section of the arm is longer and the tip is shorter and more rounded.  These obvious differences are easily discernable to those with a critical eye.

For a more current look, our modern arms are sized and bent just like the arms that have been shipped with vibrato units since the late 60s.

In addition to the attention to appearance, our arms are built to withstand more abuse than you could possible dish out while playing a guitar.  Rickenbacker management is on record as saying "The plain steel [arms] of old always broke".  Our arms are pressed into the bushings, and the joint is then brazed.  If you think you can "break" 3/16" steel rod, we'd be happy to sell you an arm so you can test your strength.

Looks and reliability: Two very good reasons that these have been purchased by some of the most well-known Rickenbacker collectors for use on their personal instruments.

Finally, we're not a RIC dealer, but we have a limited supply of the genuine RIC arm retaining screws available.  Be sure to ask!

For looks, quality, and accuracy: there is simply no other choice for your Rickenbacker.

The arms themselves.  It's easy to see that the vintage arm is longer.  If you look more closely, you can also see that there are subtle differences in the bends and the tip on the vintage arm is not as pointed as the modern arm.

Close-up of the joint between the arm and the pivot:
Arm mounted on a 1967 345:
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